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Martsalo beach

Martsalo is a secluded beach in the west Asterousia Mountains, one of the most inaccessible areas of Heraklion.

At the beginning of the route you will find the lovely church of Panagia Martsaliani, dedicated to the Annunciation.

After walking for 15-20’ along the clusters of the palm trees, you will reach the beach formed at the exit of Martsalo.

The beach has large pebbles and is completely isolated. The water is almost always very calm, which justifies its name (Martsalo means Fair Harbor in Latin).

In the middle of the beach there is a primitive pier for the boats that come here from Kali Limenes or Matala. The beach is surrounded by several tamarisk trees which provide natural shade.

Martsalo is ideal for isolation and is completely secluded. However, it is considered a religious site and activities such as nudism is offensive to the hermits of the gorge.